A Strange New Beauty
2017, 50:00 min

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A disturbing intrusion into the luxurious homes of Silicon Valley. Using an aggressive soundtrack and a full frame often fractured into small rectangles covered by text, Silver reveals a deafening violence behind the glittering beauty and deceptively calm of this suburban landscape. There is no human presence, but the homes seem to contain a memory of disturbing events, to bear the traces of a savagery just offscreen.  Charlotte Selb, Revue 24 Images

written, directed, edited: Shelly Silver

voices: Liza Birkenmeier, Shelly Silver, Kathy High. Coby Kennedy, Kambui Olujimi, Kathleen Tolan, Ken Kobland, Kate Valk, Dawn Clements, Janaki Ranpura, Amy Quan Barry

sound mix: Mike Degen, Stimulant Sound
editing consultants: Ed Bowes, Cassandra Guan

selected exhibitions
Cinéma du Réel (World Premiere)
DokLeipzig (German Premiere)
Argos Centre for Art and Media, Belgium
Filmladen, Kassel, Germany
Kino Arsenal, Berlin, Germany